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Afemale_detect_logo_W.jpgn Exciting, New Approach for Mystery Quilts (a 4 month program). We provide the monthly clues, fabric requirements and pricing, kitting & marketing suggestions. NO classes. Expect large participation. Minimize your time & effort - maximize your profits. Two Mystery Quilt Programs to choose from.

We have had a lot of great reports from stores that used our program. Below is an excerpt from a letter from the shop that had the best results that we know of so far.

Excerpts taken from a letter sent to us by Marsha Doyenne, owner of Fabric Essentials Quilt Shop. (Marsha also routinely publishes articles in WebCents Magazine.)

"We are THRILLED with your program… in four days, we had 72 sign-ups for the Mystery Quilt. We also informed them that they can purchase an extension kit at the end of the program to enlarge their quilt (supplies limited, and timeframe limited, of course).We started getting requests for Extension Kits after we sent Clue # 2! They hadn’t even gotten their fabric yet or seen the design. We were amazed! We’ve sold approximately $3,000 in extension kits and backing. We also sold nearly 40 Tri-Recs type rulers for another $650 revenue.

We ended up selling 129 Mystery Quilts in the program, for total revenue of $12,229."                                                            

 Marsha Doyenne

 Click on the pdf file below to view and print the details of the program. Please email,
Ann@GrizzlyGulch, or call, 406-443-2694 if you have any questions or comments or wish to participate.

Grizzly Gulch Gallery's Mystery Quilt Program Details
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