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Image/Link Name Code Min Sug. Retail Whlse Qty. $ Amount
Confessions of A Quilter's SlaveGGPCON1$9.95$5.00$0.00
Humorous BookTales of quilters & the quilting industry 
BOM A Walk In The ParkGGG BOM WIP3$15.00$7.50$0.00
SIX Month BOMQueen 90" x 110"9 Fabric Swatches
BOM All That Jazz GGG_BOM_ATJ3$15.00$7.50$0.00
SIX Month BOMEasy PiecingEasy Cutting for Kits - no small yardage
BOM Shop Guide A Walk In The ParkGGG_BOM_WIP_SG1$0.00$9.00$0.00
Six Month BOM Shop GuideIncludes 1 complete pattern, BOM highlightsPlus Monthly Cutting Chart & Fabric Requirements for Kits
No small yardage pieces to cut NEW 
BOM Shop Guide All That JazzGGG_BOM_ATJ_SG1$0.00$9.00$0.00
SIX Month BOM Shop GuideIncludes 1 complete pattern, BOM HighlightsPlus Monthly Cutting Chart & Fabric Requirements for Kitts
No small yardage pieces to cut NEW 
Bom ShowtimeGGG_BOM_ST3$15.00$7.50$0.00
SIX Month BOMEasy Cutting for Kits -no small YardageFast piecing
BOM Showtime Shop GuideGGG_BOM_ST_SG1$0.00$9.00$0.00
SIX BOM Shopping GuideIncludes 1 COMPLETE Pattern and BOM highlights Plus monthly cutting charts & fabric requirements for kits
no small yardage to cutNEW 
Mystery Quilt Program A Walk In The ParkMQ1$0.00$20.00$0.00
See web page for details  
Mystery Quilt Program StarStruckMQ1101$0.00$20.00$0.00
See web page for details  
Mystery Quilt Program-RadianceMQ1051$0.00$20.00$0.00
See web page for details  
4 Ever FunGGG_4EF3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Makes 4 different quilts from same fabrics/yardage3 different lap quilts & table runner & 4 placematsGreat for Kitting
A Braid New WorldGGGBNW3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Braid DesignQuilt-As-You-GoFinished with Rick Rack or fabric strips
Four sizesNEW 
A Walk In The ParkGGGWIP3$9.00$4.50$0.00
4 SizesLog Cabin and 4 patch blocksButterflies are raw edge fusible applique
A Wreath for All SeasonsGGGWAS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Wall/ArtHome DecLg. Prints
Quilt-As-You-GoAppliqueEasy to Kit
Afternoon DelightGGGAD3$8.50$4.25$0.00
Bed+3 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. UpNEW
All Buttoned UpGGGABU3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Designer PillowsHome DecEasy to Kit
All That JazzGGG_ATJ3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Easy PiecingLap,Twin,Queen & KingNEW
Around The BlockGGGATB3$9.00$4.50$0.00
3 SizesStripe does all the workNEW
Autumn SplendorGGGAS3$11.00$5.50$0.00
Below the SurfaceGGGBS3$12.00$6.00$0.00
Catch the WindGGGCW3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Center AttractionGGG_CA3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Lap, Twin, King & QueenNEW 
Chevron SpreeGGGCHE3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Lap / Baby QuiltsFun with diagonal stripesEasy to Kit
2 SizesNEW 
Christmas StardustGGGCS3$8.00$4.00$0.00
EmbellishmentsBeg. Up 
Dec La TableGGGDLT3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Table RunnerHome DecQuilt-As-You-Go
BargelloAppliqueFat Qtr.
2 1/2" StripsEmbellishmentsNEW
Early SnowGGGES3$10.00$5.00$0.00
English GardenGGGEG3$9.00$4.50$0.00
4 SizesCenter Block with stripe surrounding itChain of squares frames it all
Butterflies are raw edge fusible appliqueNEW 
Fab FiveGGGFF3$9.00$4.50$0.00
simple constructionNewsix sizes
Fabric DanceGGGFD3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Easy to Kit4 Patches & 5" Sqs.5 Sizes
ArtisticAppliques for all 4 seasonsBeg. Up
Five Easy PiecesGGGFEP3$9.50$4.75$0.00
Bed+3 SizesQuilt-As-You-Go
AppliqueEasy to KitWave Edge Ruler
Fleur DecorGGGFDC3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Home decorTable runnerBargello
QAYGRaw Edge Fused Applique2 sets of appliques
Free FallGGGFRF3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Wall/Art QuiltLap/Twin QuiltBargello Quilt-As-You-Go
Traditional PiecingNEW 
StripsApplique4 sizes
Gathering StormGGGGS3$10.00$5.00$0.00
BargelloAppliqueBeg. Up
Get HookedGGGGH3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Rugs from ScrapsNo experience necessarycrochet hook included
easy to follow instructionsNEW 
Get Hooked 2GGGGH23$10.00$5.00$0.00
Table DecorUse fabric scrapsHook included
Written for non-crocheters  
Wall/ArtFree FormLand./Pict.
AppliqueEasy to KitNEW
Guess Who's Coming to DinnerGGGGWC3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Home DecTable Runner/PlacematsFusible Raw Edge Applique
Begiiner UpNEW 
Heart SongGGGHS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Home DecTable Runner/PlacematsArt Quilt
BargelloQuilt-As-You-GoFusible Raw Edge
High Country SpringGGGHC3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Imagine ThisGGGIT3$9.00$4.50$0.00
VERY Large Prints5 SizesAdvanced Beginner UP
Bed+3 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
It's a BreezeGGGIAB3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Bed+3 SizesEasy to Kit
Wave Edge RulerBeg. Up 
It's RainingGGGIR3$5.00$2.50$0.00
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Its MagicGGG_IM3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bargello QAYG, Fusible AppliqueTable Runner, Art Quilt, Bed RunnerNEW
4 SizesFun with diagonal stripes and large printsNEW
Just the Right AngleGGGJRA3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Fat QuatersStash BusterFive Sizes
Beg. UpNEW 
Kensington TileGGGKT3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+2 SizesEasy to Kit
Beg. Up  
Kool Kid's RoomGGGKKR3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+3 SizesHome Dec.
Ball Pillow +Lg. PrintsEasy to Kit
Beg. Up  
Life on the EdgeGGGLE3$12.00$6.00$0.00
Line DanceGGG_LD3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Make in ONE dayLap, Twin. Queen & KingNEW
Lone BuglerGGGLB3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Love of LabsGGGLOL3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Easy Log CabinAppliqueFast
BeginnerLap & Wall quilt 
Love That PrintGGGLTP3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+4 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. UpNEW
Lucky SevenGGGLS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Table RunnerPlace Mats+Home Dec.
Fat. Qtr.Easy to KitNEW
Mist in the MountainsGGGMM3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Moon ShadowsGGGMS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
AppliqueEasy to KitEmbellishments
Beg. UpNEW 
Morning MelodyGGGMOR3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Lap, Queen & King sizesDesigned to fit bedsEasy Bargello
One for the MoneyGGGOM3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+3 SizesEasy to Kit
Beg. Up  
One Pieced block & One Large Print blockLarge PrintNEW
EasySIX sizesNEW
Razzle DazzleGGGRD3$9.00$4.50$0.00
NewUnusual Design5 Sizes
4 SizesMade from a variety of simple strip setsEasy to make
Variety of fabricsNEW 
Seams Too EasyGGGSTE3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Easy to KitQuilt-As-You-GoApplique
3 SizesEmbellishmentsWave Edge Ruler
Set for the SeasonGGGSFS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Home DecTable Runner/PlacematsQuilt-As-You-Go
AppliqueFour SeasonsNew Technique
Sew ClassyGGGSC3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Large PrintsEasy to kitFive sizes
Beg. UpNEW 
Sew Our StashGGGSOS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Easy to KitPrecuts5 Sizes
ReversibleBeg UpNEW
Sheer DelightGGGSD3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+3 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Show Me Your Fat Quaters...and I'll Show you MineGGGSMY3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Fat Quarters4 SizesNew
Very beginner friendly  
Ski SchoolGGGSS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Wall Quilt & Table RunnerHome DecorRaw Edge applique
Fast & FunBeginner 
Snap Cracker & POPGGGSCP3$9.00$4.50$0.00
precuts 2 1/2" strips5" & 10" Squares
QAYGCompletely ReversibleNew
Splits n StripsGGGSNS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
1 or 2 strip packsdramaticeasy & fast
NewWall/Crib, Lap 
Spooks on ParadeGGGSOP3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Home DecLap Quilt &/or table runnerFat Quarter stash buster
fusible raw edge aoppliqueVery beginner friendlyNEW
Unusual Lone StarFusible AppliqueVery dramatic
Starry NightGGGSN3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Fat QuartersFat EighthsOnly Two Cmponents
Stash Buster Mix & Match ColorsNEW
Stars and StripesGGG_SST3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Lap, TWin, Queen & KingNEW 
Large PrintsStriking Stars6 sizes
NEWUnusual Design5 Sizes
Stole The ShowGGG_STS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Lap, Twin, King & QueenNEW 
Stripe ExtravaganzaGGG_SEX3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Makes 3 Striking Designs from the same fabrics/yardage2 Lap/Wall quilts or a runner & 4 placematsNEW
Stripped in BaliGGGSIB3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Packets of Batks2 1/2" Batik StripsNew
Wall/Crib & Lap quilt  
Stripped to the NinesGGGSTN3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+4 SizesQuilt-As-You-Go
2 1/2" StripsEasy to KitNEW
Surf at SunsetGGGSAS3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Take It EasyGGGTIE3$8.50$4.25$0.00
Bed+3 SizesLand./Pict.
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
The Great Frame UpGGGGFU3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Fat Quarters3 SizesNew
Very beginner friendly  
The Not So Common BostonGGGNSC3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Bed+3 SizesQuilt-As-You-Go
Easy to Kit  
The Royal TableGGGRT3$7.00$3.50$0.00
NewRunner & PlacematsFast & Easy
Through the Looking GlassGGGTLG3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Wall/ArtLg. PrintsWave Edge Ruler
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Through the WindowGGGTTW3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Great for beginners and more advanced quiltersVery fast for giftsButterflies are raw edge fusible applique
Lap sizeNEW 
Tumbling WindmillsGGGTUM3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Lap Quilt and Home DecorTable Runner and 4 PlacematsPoppies are fused/raw edge
Turn AboutGGGTA3$8.00$4.00$0.00
Fun and modern lap quiltEasy using diagonal stripes and fused poppies raw edgeNEW
Two for the ShowGGGTFS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+5 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Table RunnerWall/ArtHome Dec.
Easy to Kit  
Bed+4 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Up StreamGGGUP3$9.50$4.75$0.00
Walk AboutGGGWA3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+4 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. UpEasy to Kit
Wandering BlossomsGGGWB3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+3 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Wilderness ExpressGGGWE3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Table RunnerWall QuiltHome Dec.
Woodland RetreatGGGWR3$10.00$5.00$0.00
Yonder StarGGGYS3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Wall/ArtLand./Pict.Home Dec.
You Gotta Love ItGGGYGL3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Large PrintUnusual Design6 Sizes
You're Getting WarmerGGGYGW3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+2 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Zippity DooGGGZD3$9.00$4.50$0.00
Bed+4 SizesLg. Prints
Easy to KitBeg. Up 
Quilt Sample(Model)
Sample All That Jazz or ATJ BOM 12S_ATJ_121$0.00$25.00$0.00
50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this pattern  
Sample All That Jazz or BOM ATJSATJ1$0.00$50.00$0.00
Sample(Model) of All That Jazz or BOM ATJApproximately 1/2 size of actual 
Sample Dec La TableSDLT1$0.00$25.00$0.00
HDQuilt Sample (Model)In Store dsiplayModel Only - No patterns
Sample Dec La Table 12SDLT121$0.00$12.50$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (Model)50% Off when purchased with 12 or more of this pattern 
In Store DisplayNew 
Sample Early SnowSES1$0.00$25.00$0.00
Faux Quilt Sample (Model)Model only - No patternsIn Store display
Sample Early Snow 12SES121$0.00$12.50$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (Model)50% Off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternIn store display kit
Sample Fleur DecorSFDC1$0.00$25.00$0.00
Sample (model) Only - no patterns in store displayNew
Lily or Poinsettia  
Sample Fleur Decor 12SFDC121$0.00$12.50$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (Model)50% Off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternIn Store display
Newlily or poinsettia 
Sample Free FallSFRFWALL1$0.00$50.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (Model) NEW
Sample Free Fall 12SFRFWALL121$0.00$25.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternNEW
Sample Free Fall Lap/TwinSFRFLAP/TWIN1$0.00$50.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)NEW 
Sample Free Fall Lap/Twin12SFRFLAP/TWIN121$0.00$25.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternNEW
Sample It's Magic 12SIM_121$0.00$12.50$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (Model)50% Off when purchased with 12 or more of this pattern 
Sample Its MagicSIM1$0.00$25.00$0.00
Quilt Sample(Model) of Table Runner  
Sample Morning Melody LapSMORLAP1$0.00$50.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)NEW 
Sample Morning Melody Lap12SMORLAP121$0.00$25.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternNEW
Sample Morning Melody QueenSMORQUEEN1$0.00$50.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)NEW 
Sample Morning Melody Queen12SMORQUEEN121$0.00$25.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternNEW
Sample Showtime or BOM ST WhiteSSTWHITE1$0.00$50.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)NEW 
Sample Showtime or BOM ST BlackSSTBLACK1$0.00$50.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)NEW 
Sample Showtime or BOM ST Black12SSTBLACK121$0.00$25.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternNEW
Sample Showtime or BOM ST White12SSTWHITE121$0.00$25.00$0.00
HD Quilt Sample (MODEL)50% off when purchased with 12 or more of this patternNEW
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