Quilt Samples (Models) Program

Grizzly Gulch Gallery has a new product/technique aimed at easing the store's burden of providing in-store quilt samples (models). It is our Quilt Samples program.
We have created High Definition Digital Image Quilt Samples (Models)  that will assist you in selling patterns without the hassle, expense and time required to have a quilt made up in-store...and we all know fabrics and patterns sell much easier and faster when there is a Quilt Model.
These High Definition Digital Images are printed on soft, thick cloth and are approximately life size to 50% life size, depending upon the size of the quilt being displayed.
The clarity of the images is amazing. The most detailed designs of the fabrics and patterns are evident and the colors are vivid and real.
When displayed, the visual effect is very, very close to that of a real quilt.
We have available Samples for a variety of patterns, fabrics and quilt sizes
The cost of the Sample varies depending upon the size of the quilt and the quantity of  the specific pattern ordered.  Specifically, Samples of Runners & Small Wall Quilts will cost $25.00 and Samples for Lap , Twin, Queen & King sizes will cost $50.00 if purchased separately; if purchased with 12 or more patterns of the Quilt being displayed, the cost will be 50% of the original price (or $12.50 to $25.00)                 
Order on our online Order Form or email or call.


         All That Jazz BOM or Pattern         



It's Magic



Dec La Table



Early Snow



Fleur Decor







Free Fall



Morning Melody



Showtime (white) BOM or Pattern



Showtime (black) BOM or Pattern